Artificial Learning, Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Know The Difference

AI is the mother, machine learning the child, and Deep learning the grandchild.

Welcome to 2025! Meet Susan. Your friend, assistant, manager and everything you need in your routine. She keeps your emails organized, schedules your meetings. Sees to your basic home needs and replenishes your stock of groceries whenever it’s about to finish. She can be your best friend when you are low. She paints and writes poetry when you need a bit of Art and Literature to unwind. That sounds a lot like Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson in HER. You possibly can’t have missed that beautiful movie. Well, at least you must have heard of it. Susan or Samantha are – simply put – more refined and technological version of Siri, Cortana. Google Assistance, or Google DeepMind. Tech companies – large and small – are racing to make AI a part of everyday life. The digital world is full of buzz words that seemed real only on reel – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Crunching, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning. Big words with little or no meaning in the real word, not so

Source: Artificial Learning, Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Know The Difference


Author: patrikbergman

Corporate Communications Manager at Haldex in Landskrona, Sweden. Father, husband, vegetarian and reader of Dostoyevsky.

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